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the best possible care during your confinement

before giving birth to a child, something like this must come to mind

As a mother, we all know that we go through many challenges after giving birth.

In terms of taking care of baby, selection best nutrition food, long rest, tired and many more.

In a situation like this, the selection of Postnatal Confinement Care is very important. It plays a big role after the mothers give birth.


Postnatal Confinement Care at Home from

Lawwa.Asia is an Malaysian company which providing professional and affordable service for who giving their child birth.

For many of us, the COVID-19 pandemic has meant spending more time at home than ever before. We’ve had to get used to working from home, homeschooling our kids, and even limit our social interactions to just a few people. It’s been a big adjustment, to say the least. But for some women in Asia, this isn’t new. They’ve been living in “confinement” for centuries.

Confinement is a traditional practice in Malaysia cultures whereby new mothers are sequestered in their homes for up to a month after giving birth. This is done in order to protect them from infection and allow them to recover from the ordeal of childbirth.

While it may sound like a nightmare to some, confinement has its benefits. Women who undergo confinement report feeling more rested, have less anxiety, and experience fewer postpartum complications.

The bottom line is that confinement is a great way to ensure that new mothers have the rest and support they need in the early weeks and months after childbirth.

What are the advantages of using our service? provide good care for mothers and their newborns, with experienced staff on hand to help with anything from breastfeeding to bathing.

Convenient & Most affordable

helping mothers to get proper care during confinement.

The service is also very affordable, making it a great option for families who need to keep in touch but don't want to spend a lot of money

Let's See What Makes Many Mothers Fall In Love With Lawwa.Asia Service

Affordable price

If you are looking for a reliable and affordable postnatal confinement care service in Malaysia, look no further than

Fast and easy online registration

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3! Nowadays, people are turning more and more to the internet for everything. They surf social media sites, shop online. Same as, You can visit our mobile web apps to book your slot.

Wide range of services

We offer a wide range of services such as baby massage, body massage, milk feeding and many more.

High-quality service

A good confinement care service will help the mother recover from childbirth, learn how to take care of her baby, and get back to her normal routine as quickly as possible.

Safe and secure payment system

We offer easy to use payment gateway that you can make payments from Everywhere and Anytime with just a few clicks.

Friendly and helpful staff

The staff at are friendly and always happy to help. If you have any questions or need help with anything, they are more than happy to assist you. So if you're looking for a Confinement care in Malaysia, be sure to check out You won't be disappointed!

Convenient Service at your home

Mothers choose for postnatal confinement care because of the many benefits it offers. One of it, we offer confinement care at your own house. Peace of mind.

Lawwa.Asia Product Range

Our service

mummy package

Such like Hot Stone Therapy. Shrinks the womb, remove the fat & restores the body to its original state.

postnatal massage

Improve blood circulation. The whole body will feel light and comfortable.

queen package

Such like Herbal Bath. Refresh the body, overcome the numbness problems by improving blood circulation, removing the wind and softening the nerves. 

mummy & baby package

We provide mother and baby care such like baby massage. Make the baby more relaxed, enjoyed, less radiant and sleeping well.

This service is suitable for...

First Time Mother

We know you're scared because you've never had the experience. Let us take care of all the worries and anxieties of mothers after childbirth.

a busy mother

For mother who managing a business or working in sector that need to make decision, this service is very suitable for you.

A husband who loves his wife

If you are a husband who truly loves his wife, you will definitely pay for this package for maternal care.

Last minute delivery

If you suddenly give birth early, we can arrange a massage after giving birth.


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More than 1,000+ Happy Customer already using service

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Therapist currently have more than 100+ Therapist in Malaysia.

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More than 3x repeat purchase from our existing customer.

Team support

7 admin support will assist you for booking and service.

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We have wide range of service. More than 10 service we have for beauty care.

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Web Apps

More than 500+ customer booking their confinement care using our Web Apps.

Our specialised helps new mothers to recover from childbirth and bond with their newborns

Affordable Service From Lawwa.Asia, give Mothers best Choice for giving their ChildBirth.

the reason why many mothers choose us?

Lawwa.Asia help thousand of Happy Mother with our confinement care service.

500 +
Happy Customer

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